Storm Damage

Was your home recently affected

by "wind" or "hail storms"?

Yes, and I would like roof inspection.

Storm Damage

Was your home recently affected by wind or hail storms?


Any storm or wind alone can damage a roof, so the sooner you inspect the roof after a storm the better you can avoid leak damage inside the home, and if an insurance claim for roof damage is warranted, the better will be the data you can provide in support of your claim.  If you aren’t sure what to look for call a roofing professional to check it out for you.  This is safer and they know what to look for.


If you now have a leaking roof because of storm damage, it is extremely important to prevent interior home damages before matters become worse. At Exspert Roofing, we recognize the importance of protecting your home, which is why we offer emergency cover and tarp services. It is hard to judge the roof damage without actually seeing the roof, so don’t let “minor” inside damage keep you from receiving a free roof inspection from a professional roofing company.

Even if you notice just one or two shingles missing, this can grow into total roof damage as time goes on. Amstill Roofing is experienced at inspecting homes for roofing storm damage and we are willing to show and share our knowledge during a roof inspection. Our experience also helps us to navigate the insurance process quickly and efficiently, getting you the best roof repairs available.


After your claim has been approved, the insurance carrier will pay for the damages.

You should receive your first check usually within 5-7 business days.


This first check is called your ACV (Actual Cash Value), which is the monetary value of what is to be paid today based off the age and condition of the items. In some cases, if you are present during the inspection with the adjuster and the adjuster is an in-house adjuster, they will actually write you a check and hand you your paperwork on the spot. This check will be the value of the job less the value of the depreciation. Depreciation is based off of the age and condition of the damaged items.

They take this money and hold it to make sure the work is completed correctly.

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